Tsidylo Iryna Igorivna, Tsidylo Khrystyna Ivanivna />


Tsidylo Iryna Igorivna, Tsidylo Khrystyna Ivanivna

Technological operations of a computer object-oriented (vector) programs allow you to start working with standard objects (circles, rectangles, squares), the user can build composed objects and manipulate them as a whole. The second feature of the object-oriented package is that each standard class of objects is assigned a unique set of control parameters, or class attributes. An instance of a class is a geometric object (geometric shape) for which the values of control parameters are fixed. In any graphic editor, you can create many forms in different ways. The main elementary object of vector computer graphics is a line that has the properties of shape, drawing, thickness, closure, color, etc. Due to the presentation of vector images using combinations of different lines and the mathematical description of lines as a single object, the vector format has the advantage that the size and shape of the drawing can be changed without losing image quality. The generalization of the concept of line is elementary graphic objects: open and closed circuits. The contour can have any shape: a straight, curved or broken line or figure. The main contour outline parameters that determine its appearance when displayed are: line color, line thickness, changing its thickness at different angles of inclination, line type, etc. All closed contours have the property of filling - filling the plane covered by them.

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