Soia Olena Mykolaivna, Kosovets Olena Pavlivna />


Soia Olena Mykolaivna, Kosovets Olena Pavlivna

In connection with the rapid development and comprehensive practical application of digital technologies in all spheres of human activity, the formation of an information society on this basis, new requirements are put forward for the educational environment of the teacher. Institutions of higher education are in search of new approaches to the organization of the educational process, learning technologies, ensuring educational mobility, universal access to educational and developmental content, communication, cooperation of participants in the educational process. The use of virtual educational technologies leads to savings on the purchase of software; access to resources regardless of location, operating system, types of computer equipment; increasing opportunities for organizing joint work and diverse communication; reduction of data storage and backup problems brings higher education to a new level of development. Virtual educational environments have a decisive advantage in the conditions of mixed or distance learning.

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