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Іryna Myroslavivna Zakharkiv

Nowadays people are overloaded with new information. At work, at university, among friends, more and more knowledge is required from us. The daily bombardment of information makes us unable to focus on one type of activity, so the constant improvement of our intelligence remains an urgent issue. There is no doubt that e-learning is a very effective method of learning, because in this case, the lecturer or trainer, as much as possible involves students [1 p. 17-18]. For example, currently the Internet allows you to learn English or organize training for employees without leaving home. Webinars, e-learning and blended learning are brothers that complement each other. The first advantage of e-learning is that you don't have to rent a room to hold the training and participants don't have to leave work early if they are working and studying to get to your lecture. Anyone can join the classes, sitting in home clothes on the couch or standing in traffic. Do you belong to a group of drivers who often have problems parking their car and thus are late for appointments? Participating in online training, you do not have to worry about parking space, because in general you do not have to leave your home. So in the case of the participant, it is enough to have access to the Internet, and in the case of the presenter - to set up an account on the webinar platform, to inform the recipients about the scheduled webinar.

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