Kryvonos Olexandr Mykolaiovych, Kryvonos Myroslava Petrivna />


Kryvonos Olexandr Mykolaiovych, Kryvonos Myroslava Petrivna

The pace of scientific and technological progress as well as the introduction of modern information technologies in various spheres of human life and professional activity lead to the urging necessity to improve the system of training of the specialists in the field of information systems and corresponding technologies. In Ukraine, such training at the level of higher education is carried out in groups of specialties and directions "Information technology", in particular in the specialty "Computer science" (CS). According to existing standards, a bachelor of the specialty "Computer Science" must possess fundamental knowledge, professional skills and corresponding qualification, experience in creative and research activities as well as in solving professional problems. These tasks, in particular, include the following: the development of projects for the automation and informatization of applied processes, including creation of appropriate information systems. The project activity of the bachelor of the specialty "Computer Science" involves the development, implementation and adaptation of applied software, programming applications in the development of information systems (IS). Thus, it attracts attention to the need to improve the training of CS bachelors in the field of programming, creation of applications and software using modern approaches and professional instrumental environments [1].

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