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Melnik Volha

In the global world, where everyone speaks their own language, has their experience, protects their values and interests, it is so easy to face the misunderstanding of those who live different values or get into different circumstances. We can make the world around us both comfortable or unacceptable for ourselves and others. There is no doubt that telling about difficulties, understanding and helping another person is much more complicated than ignoring needs of other people and other communities. To understand that, it is necessary to master the art of living together, constructive art of appreciating one another, to support those who are different from you, to build a society where everyone can feel safe. Civic Education answers on these questions. Nowadays, many technical means and computer technologies have been developed for education. The sphere of education has also become a field of active penetration of new technologies, which, in particular, includes mass distance learning. One of the main directions in the development of continuous open education in recent years has become E-learning. The use of E-learning technologies makes it possible to implement such concepts as integrated blended learning and lifelong learning.

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