Smirnova Natalia, Melnik Volha />


Smirnova Natalia, Melnik Volha

According to the National Strategy for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus until 2030, the strategic goal of modern education is "the formation of a high-quality education system that fully meets the needs of the post-industrial economy and sustainable development of the country" [1, с. 35-38]: the transition to an innovative economy objectively requires a new paradigm of education in the Republic of Belarus. Post-industrial education is being formed, the process of transition to its more innovative form - education for sustainable development. Education for sustainable development is a future-oriented education, education that will ensure stability and sustainable growth of the economy, worthy positions in the development of science and the socio-cultural sphere of the country. In this regard, STEM education has great perspectives.

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